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PorErick Joel Lopez


The second year high school students were working on generating their own culture, from imagining their community, building their flag, customs, and culture.

My own culture, made by Raul Omar
PorTeacher Daniel


The students brought materials to design and decorate their own Christmas bauble.

At the end, the students presented their final product, and the baubles were also used to decorate the school for such a joyful holyday.


PorTeacher Daniel

The colors. 3A

The review the colors with this game using the interactive board.


PorTeacher Daniel

Learning the parts of the body. Preschool 3A

The students used «Buddy» to identify the parts of the body.

All of the students participated on the activity in which learning «hands on» is key for them, but fun at the same time.

PorTeacher Daniel

Review in teams 5th grade

The students review the topics before the exams.

At the end students wrote a report about the topics they review.



3B Kinder Feelings

Playing and learning Feelings with the interactive board.



1A and 1C Reading Practice

Reading, helping each other and enjoying.




PorEdoulvy Altidor


los estudiantes de primero de secondaria  en su presentacion  en la  lengua francesa que tenemos en el colegio copilli.

donde estan usando de forma correcta  el verbo ser y estar  , vocabulario sobre las profesiones etc.

Ven a disfrutar   la lengua  francesa  en colegio copilli.



PorTeacher Daniel

Memory Game: Fruits and Vegetables Preeschool 3rd grade

The students reviewed the names of fruits and vegetables through a memory game. They used the interactive board to play while the rest of the group helped them finish the activity faster.

PorEdoulvy Altidor


Last friday in the Reading Club  the students in the  sixth grade were confortable to read.

They know the importance of reading for pleasure and positive reading attitudes.

We are copilli, come to read with us.